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Before proceeding with the installation of air conditioning it is necessary to remember that one part is inside the house and another outside so choose a place where the appliance well allocated for the air outlet and also consider a significant amount of pipes and wires up to other end of the appliance that should be on the outside. In this way, the closer the two ends are, the cheaper the cost will be with the pipes and the workmanship. Copper and aluminum pipes are also called refrigeration tubing that has gauges and thicknesses appropriate to the thermal load you wish to choose by making the correct BTU’s beads per square meter. The piping with the correct electrical wiring, with cables sized according to the load you choose for the conditioner and also a unique circuit breaker for each air device that is installed. In order to k now more about Air conditioning installation Geelong, you can always take the help of the internet.

to Install a Split Air Conditioner Step by Step

First step

Unpack the parts of the
boxes to find out what each part is for, this can allow easier access when
installing the air conditioner , becoming familiar with all units and

Second step

Find a good place where
you can install the Split air conditioner, where you will mount the bracket on
the wall.

Third step

Then take all measures
of the unit that will be inside the house, so mark them on the wall, and
include the measure of the outlet of the pipe and the distance between the
center of the indoor unit and the center of the pipe.

These signs will help,
namely where you should drill the hole in the wall, connecting the two units both
inside and outside.

Fourth step

Once everything is
signaled the correct points is the time to drill the hole on the outside, so
remember to perform the drilling at an angle of thirty five degrees.

Fifth Step

Now you have to adjust
the height by passing all the cables through the hole in the wall to install
the air conditioner, when everything is ready you must fix the internal unit to
the bracket that is previously mounted on the wall.

Sixth Step

As soon as the internal
unit is already attached to the wall bracket, it will be time to cross the
tubes through the open opening to the outside.

Seventh Step

Now to continue to
install the air conditioner you need to unpack the box with the outdoor air
unit and begin to familiarize yourself with this component part of the air

Eighth Step

Now it is necessary
that the outer wall brackets are installed as needed for this unit, it is very
important to ensure that these brackets are properly aligned making the unit
perfectly level.

Make use of the metal
bushings that are provided to mount the outside wall bracket.

Ninth Step

Now the next step is to
carefully unroll the gas pipes by joining the unrolled part with the thermal
tape, which should be included in the assembly.